Who else wants to be the LIFE of the PARTY!?

Imagine yourself walking into your best friends house.

All your buddies are there.

All the girls screaming "You're here! Let the party begin!"

Everybody waiting for YOU to step behind the bar.

Your friends ready to taste another one of YOUR "secret" signature drinks .

How cool would that be?

Now you can be "That" guy!

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The healthiest energy drink on the plant.



There's a new Dog in town!

You'll also be the hero in the morning, because HOTDenergy helps cure or prevent hangovers!

Now, You're tha man!

* Legends are made of stories like you'll be!

* The red male cow energy drink can't do that!

* And hair of the dog tastes better too!

"Hey! This is like really good!"
 Alex S. Nashville,TN

Sign up and receive your FREE Hair of the Dog drink recipes!

Hair of the Dog is nothing like you have ever seen!
Because Hair of the Dog's patented formula can literally clarify and restore your body.
Not only does each can of Hair of the Dog contain over 1,000mg of Vitamin C, but here's the kicker, each can also delivers 3,200mg of Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxifiers which specifically targets the liver.
As you know the liver works as a filter, protecting you from thousands of toxic substances you ingest each day such as medicines, alcohol, pesticides and chemicals.
So why not detoxify your body while you drink the Healthiest energy drink on the Planet!
Please be responible when you drink and always use a SOBER Designated Driver!
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